Monday 10 May 2010

Julie & Julia motivational movie

OK, I know this is very obvious, watch Julie and Julia and you'll want to write a blog about doing something everyday. 
Instead of eating like a maniac, I do need to make more dresses and become a lot more
The solution will be to commit publicly to making a dress every day, a whole finished dress. I'm not allowed to include Anna's dresses as she has put the hard work into making them but I can diversify into a bag or two when I'm a little more stretched and I may also include dresses that have taken weeks, as they are special orders.
I will also tell you all about them and hopefully improve my writing skills!
Here is the first one for Monday, it is also a cheat to get me going as Anna made it last week. Sorry this is terrible! 
I can't quite remember where this incredible fabric came from but it is wonderful and  had been hoarded for a while. The cotton is vintage printed by Warner's and named 'Staffordshire Figures' by Jill Owen. 
It's super kitsch and applies itself perfectly to a 50's style design with a full gathered skirt and sweeping neckline. I imagined summer picnics with ladies singing, maybe Hayley Mills in a Disney song! 
Have listed it in our etsy shop