Friday 14 May 2010

14th May Screen Print Dress

Here we go again, this is proving to be hard work but very rewarding. I usually take weeks completing dresses especially for weddings and this has been so freeing to have to design, decide and make all in one day. A little like sketching and life drawing loosens up artists, daily designing is great. I'm beginning to think of new techniques to use and new details to add. In a years time I should have a nice big collection of skills in my belt and more confidence.

Today's dress is made from a 50's inspired heavy cotton material found in ikea a few years ago. I love the screen print and as I watched 'far from heaven' last night this seemed appropriate. I did want to make a satin shirtwaister but will need to source the correct shade, the full skirts look incredible in this film along with the poker straight pencil skirts in tweed. . If you haven't watched it, it's stunningly beautiful, very made mad with gorgeous colour tones through out. A painful story but excellent all round.

The dress has a fitted bodice, my cinched waistband and a full pleated skirt. I added a large circular cut ruffle which is detachable and a wide satin ribbon bow at the waist. Bound in a burgundy satin which really make the mustard yellow pop in the print. The fabric was a little heavy to self line the waistband so I used a piece of silk taffeta inside.

Will be listing this weeks dresses in our Etsy shop tomorrow.