Monday 17 August 2015

Old Hollywood Photoshoot

Old Hollywood Socialite Photoshoot 

A few months ago our lovely customer Cairistiona agreed to model for portraits in our gowns. These are some of the first portraits I have shot and am really pleased with the style and the look of the dresses. The aim was a 1930s Old Hollywood / Socialite style and Cairistiona had just the right look of intelligence and elegance. Thank you to Cairistiona for modelling, looking beautiful and for putting on so many dresses.

Learning to take my own photographs is really important especially when I am looking for a very specific image of the dress.
I have worked with incredible photographers who as you can see in the journal have produced the most stunning images of the dresses. However it isn't always possible to have a photographer on tap nor is ever fair to ask a photographer to change their style to suit your specific whim. Hopefully over time I can refine my photography skills and add another string to my bow.