Tuesday 11 August 2015

Lady of the Lake Photoshoot with Photographer Laura Power

How to dress bohemian - Alexandra King, Elmore Court Shoot with Laura Power

Alexandra King Dress at Elmore Court Cotswolds

Alexandra King Dress at Elmore Court Cotswolds

Alexandra King Dove tulle dress

Alexandra King Tulle dress

alexandra king tulle ball gown

alexandra king dove tulle ballgown dress

Back in the early Spring a group of us - designers, photographers, film crew, stylists and models and more arrived at Elmore Court in the Cotswolds for a two day photoshoot.

These images are from the first day with model Laura who was an absolute gem and tough as nails for standing in the freezing cold lake, simply swathed in a sheer lace dress of mine.

The look was Lady of the Lake emerging from the waters to take her place in the grand house at the ball. She transcends from bohemian beauty of nature in sheer lace, to divine goddess in couture draped tulle.

The gowns featured were the Dove Tulle Ballgown and The Bohemian Blue Lace Gown. 

The crew were ...

Photographer - Laura Power
Florist - Sorori Design - Maria Wilcox
Stylist - Lauren Grey
Model - Laura
Effects - Every Event Hire
Film Crew - Vogue wedding films

A huge thank you to everyone at Elmore Court for letting us use the stunning house and grounds.