Wednesday 13 August 2014

The Exotic Gina - Vintage Style 1950s Pink Sari Dress

alexandra king

A vintage 1950s inspired magenta pink halter cocktail dress made from a jewel colored sari  .....

This is the first new dress in a while as everything slows down for Summer. I had been asked to make some dresses for a slightly more voluptuous figure and so the Gina was introduced.

The first dress is the 'Exotic' Gina made from a beautiful lightweight Sari bought on my travels in Singapore a few years ago. The colours are stunning and so jewel like in emerald, magenta and metallic gold.

A 1950s cut is flattering on all sizes so a fitted bodice and neckline framing halter was included along with a smoothing long-line hip and full pleated skirt. All supported with a tulle underskirt.

I love that Sari's are usually one of a kinds, I don't think I've every seen two exactly the same and this ideal works perfectly with our dresses all be one off pieces too. I recently thought we should maybe make one dress in each size but .... no, we don't like looking the same, we like everyone being the individual humans they are.

I'm back to working on the most spectacular sequinned dress of all time. I can't wait to share it. Good evening all x

Alexandra king dress

vintage rockabilly halter dress