Thursday 17 April 2014

Good Girls Gone Bad

The Good Girls gone Bad collection was taking influence from three teen rockabilly films featuring sugar sweet girls that go bad. Cry Baby, Grease and Imitation of Life were the triple bill. There's many that could have been chosen but these three gave a broad spectrum of the transforming teen.

These are the resulting designs, the pastels full circle skirt teamed with a sheer lace crop top. The fantastic pastel print is a vintage 1980s print with graphic rainbows and clouds. 

Pinks and Wanda, black lace dresses in a pale pink organza and sage green. The Pinks dress has a separate lace crop top and puffed up prom style skirt. Wanda contrasts with an hourglass cut, cinched waist and front and back thigh splits. 

The Baby Doll is one of the designs we used a few years ago for a Summer collection. This time in candy pink layers and a contrasting black trim. 

Finally the twins, Sandee and Sarah Jane. Sandee in an ivory lace layered over a saccharin pink satin with frothy tulle underskirts. Sarah-Jane is the same cut with a plunging v back in a scalloped black lace. 

All in the shop this week.