Saturday 19 April 2014

Black Lace Prom Dress

The Sarah-Jane dress was inspired by the character of the same name in the film Imitaion of Life. It's a sad tale of human predjudice and a girls desperate desire to be equal in the 1950s. The spirit of Sarah-Jane is wicked yet electric and sexy and vibrant.
Next to Sandra Dee's character (see the Sandee dress)  Susan Kohner is sophisticated and demure and this is what I have tried to capture in this dress.

The same cut as the Sandee dress but in delicate corded black lace. It has the princess line bodice, the long fitted sleeves but turn her around and the black plunges adding a little more sex appeal. The lace is left raw at the hem and the softer tulle underskirts are edged in a hardened black line.

The styling of the dress simply requires an exquisite pair of black stilettos, preferably the type with a red sole and equally beautiful underwear.