Wednesday 10 July 2013

Romance & The Pale Blue Tulle Dress

Pale blue for the last few centuries has been the colour of romance and femininity.

Stately homes are adorned with the paintings of grand beauties swathed in blush blue silks and tulle's, little girls were dressed in sky blue ruffles and ornamental porcelains have used the famous Wedgwood blue and off white combination as a statement of beauty.
After a little research I've found out how much it has been used and where, here are my favourite facts on Pale Blue.

Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI are the epitome of  pale blue romance in the paintings of Elisabeth Vigee-LeBrun. Silk taffeta's, lace trims, ribbons and bows all use the shade and
Louis XV's first mistress Madame Pompadour famously wore forget-me-not blue, an inspiration to Marie Antoinette?

Alice in Wonderland is dressed in the iconic colour, so is Sleeping Beauty in Disney's fairy colour battle.

It is the colour of beauty,  of the sky on a perfect day, a sea, an ocean and the colour that will radiate every shade of skin.

The something blue for a wedding is a symbol of fidelity and loyalty.

The 'Blue Stockings' is an 18th Century expression used for upper class women who were interested in culture and intellectual life. I Like this fact best.

For a recent shoot I designed a two piece 'Blue Romance' dress in hand woven silk taffeta, trimmed with a self tying bow on the hip. The dusky pale blue silk has a matte texture with the most subtle sheen. This is combined with a sky soft tulle that creates a hazy blush against the strength of the silk.
Again I've used my favourite silhouette with a tightly fitted bodice to hug the torso, strapless displaying the line of the neck and the contrast of the full ballerina skirt to balance and show the waist at it's smallest.
Style with other shades of blue from cobalts, to royals and whites for effortless, intellectual femininity.
Available Made to Order Online Here.