Monday 9 April 2012

Sunday Night Reads - On Writing by Stephen King

On Writing, a memoir of a craft by Stephen King. Published 2001

Ok, I know it's Monday morning now. I finished reading this book late last night and needed to sleep on what I was going to say.

The book is not about fashion, sewing or how to be a designer but this book has been inspiring. You can easily change the title to 'On Designing' or 'On Craftsmanship'.

We all know Stephen King is a super successful writer, this is the first book I have read of his but I have watched enough films adapted from his books to know he's an amazing story teller.

This book goes through a mini autobiography, relevant to starting out in your particular craft and then covers working practices that help you along the way. I was handed this book by Wing to improve my writing the blog (I really struggle with writing and am the slowest reader I know) and On Writing has helped.

My favourite parts of the book are lessons on ......

  • Rejection, Stephen King had a huge pile of rejection letters that he kept above his desk to spur him on.
  • Closing the studio door and keeping yourself in a bubble until the first draft is complete.
  • Taking criticism, taking walks (being careful to avoid swerving blue trucks) watching movies and just loving the type of creative work you do to death.
  • Setting goals to achieve each day. And then stepping away to gain a little perspective.

It's incredibly reassuring to know that someone this successful really struggled, worked his arse off, nearly died a few times, but kept at it. And all that motivates him is wanting to write.

I have a long way to go with my writing, I still use unecessary words. But it is another softly worn paperback that I will keep returning too. I have promised myself to read more and wear more and more dresses.

You can buy the book here

Readers, do you have any books on one subject that have helped you in another? Or any books to share that have really motivated you?