Tuesday 3 April 2012

A Day At The Studio ....

The day starts with going through emails, ordering fabrics and basically being glued to this desk for a couple of hours. As you can see my desk (a lovely solid oak, brass handled beast with a green leather top salvaged from a vets skip) is rather covered in stuff, sketchbooks, to do lists, paints, calculators, lollipop wrappers etc. This part of the studio is not tidy.

Then the post arrives with fabric orders, zips, trimmings and everything we need to make dresses with. We have quite a few gentlemen callers at the studio door with packages for us. (sorry!)

 Sometimes our lovely customers hand deliver the fabric they have personally selected in lovely wrappings.

Today we needed to source lace for a consultation later this week so Anna and Me selected options that would work for the design and ordered a few more laces.

Eventually it's time to start work on the actual dresses, laying out and cutting the silk. These colours are part of the prettiest bridesmaids collection for a wedding this year, I can't wait to share it.

 Anna sews the bodices of the dresses, super carefully .................... whilst we discuss each stage, seam finish and how it fits.

Dresses we are working on get added to rail, the rail is nearly full at the moment.

And finished dresses get packed in their white boxes ready for shipping to the other side of the world. Today dresses are off the the US and Australia.

So there is our day in the studio, I'm still here typing away and working on sketches and lists for tomorrow. We will share more days with you from time to time xxx