Tuesday 7 February 2012

Super Cute Kids Petticoats

 Now childrens wear is usually Anna's department (as I only seam to like designing dresses that I would wear myself!) but these were made for my cousins and goddaughter as Christmas presents so I'm allowed this one.
The skirts were designed to wear with leggings or under party dresses, for running, dancing jumping about and dressing up and being silly in. Kind of what my adult dresses are for. I remember my Mum dressing me up as a child, I had this incredible bright yellow, fuchsia pink and turquoise blue polka dot, tiered ruffly party dress one year which was amazing.
I used to hate anything with a high neck and anything brown. I threw my first fashion strop at the age of three when someone tried to put me in a brown dress at a fashion show, apparently it was quite a scene. I also used to wear my pink ballet dress to lunch at Grandmas and squeezed myself into a Victorian Christening gown because it was pretty. It ripped bad! My parents didn't stand a chance against my insistence of what I wore.
I used to love friends dressing up boxes, I had one friend who lived in an old chapel with graves in the garden and a cherry tree. Her dressing up box was brimming full or red tulle, golds and rustly taffeta's which I still love the sound of today. As a child it was definitely about all the senses, colour and texture and volume.

So back to the skirts, they are pretty, voluminous, comfy, nearly tutu like, have bows on and are bright. I think I would have liked these as a child to run around the garden in and that's what it's all about. Yes, I may have tried to squeeze into one of these too xxx