Friday 17 February 2012

Friday Friends - Sarah Godsill

Anna and me at the tweet up!

The Little Red Cafe, Catharines Hill, Frome when Sarah is based.

Wedding preparations from Sarah's portfolio

 Last week at the Marry Me in Somerset Tweet up we met this super talented lady Sarah Godsill. 
Sarah was incredibly modest about her work, quietly sketching away in the corner until I decided to talk at her about illustration and how wonderful it must be to be able to draw so well! (My poor victims that get caught up in my ramblings on rare outings from the studio.)

The next day this amazing illustration of Anna and me arrived in my in-box and I was totally blown away. The sketches of all the people at the tweet up were instantly recognisable even though I had only met most of these people once.

Her work has this great Quentin Blake feel to it and looking at the further illustrations of the events and weddings she had drawn, I just keep thinking 'Four Weddings' (one of my favourite British films, all eccentric and dappy instead of miserable and grey!). Its beautifully English Summertime feel really makes the drawings and people come alive on the page with her vibrant use of colour and ability to capture personalities. I can just imagine how amazing it must be to receive a portfolio of the sketches after your wedding or event.
It's an illustrated story book of your day and one of the most gorgeous ideas and talents I have seen in a while. Not to mention she's a really lovely lady too who you would really want at your day.

Scrap the silly chair covers, favours, tea cups and even pudding, this is way more of a lasting treat. For more information on Sarah Godsill and to view her work click here!