Wednesday 14 September 2011

Giffords Circus

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to get a trip to the circus as an end of Summer stroke birthday treat for Mum and myself. At first when she said we were going the the circus I wasn't too impressed, the only local circus comes around every Christmas and has a very un-traditional Spider man theme.
This was not any old circus though, it was The Gifford's Circus, which is in a whole different league of circus. This years story was War and Peace and words really can't explain just how beautiful the whole set up and show was.
It's vintage, original Vaudeville that takes you back to pre film, way before television to a quality that is very real. (I was sat there thinking what idiots people are today for sitting in a watching nonsense X Factor/ Britain's got no bloody talent when you can see proper talent and dedication here)
Where do I start........
The clown, Tweedy has this face and manner that I can only describe as a cross between Charlie Chaplin and early Robin Williams and he makes you really laugh out loud with excellent slap stick routines and super fast witty jokes.
Everyone takes part in the whole story including singing, being the band, acrobating and acting. Beforehand they take your tickets, serve great food, take care of the horses, they do everything themselves and when I heard that the show we watched was the third of the day we were blown away, everyone was so perky.
The costumes by Lindsay Pugh were stunning, vintage Russian peasant costumes, pin up soldiers, tail coats and beautiful velvets, everything you could wish for in a vintage circus dressing up box. It looks like it must be a real dream to create for. (I would love this job!!!! even to help out must be a treat)
Then there are the acrobats who again appear like they have stepped out of a different age steeped in tradion and genuine skill. They are head spinning, balancing, hand stand tap dancing and incredible plank somersaults which takes your breath away.
The Juggling has you on the edge of your seat as knives are flinging past the arms of Tweedy the clown and fire is whooshing around in circles.
There are horses and chickens and a goose, and it's all really so perfect.
I would really be here forever going on about how wonderful this show was, it's an experience that shouldn't be missed, a cliche but true.

The show is over for this year but they will be touring again next year and you can buy music ( I forgot to mention the band which is fantastic, multi instrumented folk music, and they are also acrobats too!) and you can buy Gifford's circus gifts and even your own circus wagon. Follow on facebook for more updates

To make this a little more relevant all this vintage circus inspiration may have to work its way into a collection of dresses when I get a chance!