Tuesday 15 March 2011

Singapore in more detail

I am at last recovering from our trip to Singapore. The first time it's taken nearly a week to get over jet lag.  This week I've fallen asleep in the cinema (which is a major sin), tripped over an awful lot, slurred my speech and woke up in the middle of the night convinced I'm cuddling my Mum, complete brain melt down!

It may be just getting over two solid days of fabric sourcing from the wonderful Arab Street full of the most gorgeous fabrics from around the world. Robbing a bank during my trip would have been temping amongst the incredible French laces and mouth watering silks.

This is my 4th trip to Singapore and it gets more and more interesting each time I visit, so much more than the tourist attractions and the shopping.
I had a major shock when I was told that Singapore doesn't 'do' Human Rights, Homosexuality is still illegal (a seven year prison term) and they hang people on Fridays. Something I really didn't expect from such an advanced country.
It is a really wonderful place on one hand, full of Utopian perfection of how cultures can live very happily together, great prosperity and very high levels of education. I just can't fully rave about Singapore as much as I wanted to with these ethical issues still outstanding.  Hopefully they will come up to date soon.
Amnesty International on Singapore
Human Rights Watch on Singapore

Anyway enough about politics here are some great things in Singapore.

The awe inspiring new SOTA School of the Arts Singapore building.  Just for school age students aged 13 - 18,  it would be such a luxury to study here I would have killed to work in a building like this at University level.
It's great to see Singapore encouraging the arts at last which hasn't been such a focus in the recent past.

The fashion section at the National Museum, not bad with some gorgeous Batik printed 50s dresses, a spectacular fabric exhibition and vintage rhinestone hair pieces from the 50's displayed in old gramophone boxes. The exhibition design as I mentioned earlier was really top class in the National Museum. (don't be put off by the website, it looks dodgy but is the official website)

Vintage portraits in the National museum, Singapore did have some fantastic style capturing that iconic 1920s and 30s distant travelled inspirations. This picture is of a cut out which is very convincing and the other two ladies just look fabulous.

Incredible fine glass beading at the Peranaken Museum. A whole museum dedicated to mixed heritage culture in Singapore. The celebration of different cultures in Singapore is one of it's greatest successes and something I wish we could adopt more of here.The art work here at the museum and beaded delights are stunning, well worth a trip.

Sorry I'm being very mean but this made me giggle whilst having a break on Serangoon Road, I wonder if I could advertise my skills like this?
This will certainly stop my moaning about having to everything just so before I can start any work, this person wrote a sign and just got on with it!

Haji Lane is the best road for independent shops, designers and all things gorgeous in Singapore. A bit of genuine creativity and style in OhM.Mani full of vintage, reconstructed and bright pretty designs by Manita Mae. The sales assistant Celeste (pictured) was the most lovely and friendly of the whole street too!

Wicked laundry had a great shop design and some beautiful pieces, shame my long body just wouldn't fit into these petite dresses.

Some of the preserved 19th Century buildings in Singapore. The original style of Singapore is fresh, colourful and fabulously tropical with some exquisite detailing. I really hope the insights into the old culture of Singapore in the architecture and history are kept along with it's modernity. Vintage is always best when it come to quality and style!