Saturday 12 March 2011

The Perfect 50s Silk Wedding Dress

This dress, commissioned a while ago, has to be one of my very favourite dresses I have created so far, it's always wonderful when a design works out perfectly.
There was a lot of work involved working on the line of the dress and the bodice which has a figure hugging, integrated corset with stays in between it's layers. The just off the shoulder neckline was a real success and in the customers chosen pale silver grey silk, it just looks spectacular. A 50's dream of a dress which I have fallen in love with.

Originally there were to be rhinestones over the waist but when the dress got to this stage it was working it's simplicity and elegance so well, the rhinestones would have been a spangly distraction.  I adore anything that sparkles but this time it was best left be. 

The silk is a smooth taffeta which is very crisp and falls beautifully with that vintage 'Gone with the Wind' rustle as you walk. Plumped with lots of soft tulle underskirts and a silk lining.

This dress titles 'Sarah Jane' is now available as part of the made to order bridal collection in white and ivory.  Take a look in our new etsy shop here. A whole bridal collection is being worked on as we speak.  

You can see fabulous photo's by Julie Bee of the dress being worn here