Tuesday 25 January 2011

Red Lace Bubble Dress

As always I'm way behind on the updates. I've been inundated with orders and enquiries since the Perfect Wedding feature. (of which I have only just managed to pick up in smiths and was again angered at the fact that now there is no longer a Borders, you can only buy the mainstream magazines, missing out on the gorgeousness of  Lula and the like!) 
Orders and busyness (business!)  is great, super wonderful and it all comes at once and then goes and then comes and then goes, the life of an independent designer is never orderly. Just as I thought I had some free time to read my new books too! 

This little red lace dress was finished by Anna a few weeks ago and I have just go round to photographing this gorgeously chic cocktail number. The bodice is layered with soft lace tulle over red rustling taffeta and trimmed in a satin binding. The skirt has a great structured bubble shape sculpted with nets underneath and gathers from the waist. 
Just imagine with a 1950s satin swing coat and lace peep toes. Available as a one off in our etsy shop.