Monday 29 August 2016

Vintage 1950s Floral Dresses

1950s dress by horrockses

New arrivals to our vintage collection with three floral dresses. I love florals to soften and feminise a look, they look great dressed down with long messy hair or a short boyish crop and 90s grunge boots.
The new pieces are .... A 1950s Horrockses full length gown with strapless ruched bodice and pink gladioli print. A 1930s delicate peach rayon tea dress with roses and a sweetheart neckline. And a great 1950s Mid Century modern print party dress with olive green bow back.

Click the images for more info ....

horrockses vintage dress

vintage 1930s floral dress

vintage 30s tea dress

mid century modern dress

mid century dress 1950s