Friday 30 October 2015

Edwardian Dress Inspirations

Miss Lily Elsie, 1912     
Leonard Misonne, 1910 
Zinaida Gippius, a Russian Poet 1917 

1912 Lucile Tea Party 
Images from A Room with a View

Two Edwardian ladies with parasols 1914
June 1900  - I love these fitted sleeves

1912 lady in white two piece and wide brim hat
Edwardian women in whites
1911 fashion plates of day wear. 

The latest Bridal collection has had the last thread cut and now I can share this inspirations and sketches behind the new gowns.

The collection will be titles 'decades' and features a design from each decade from the 1910s Edwardian era to the 1970s where the post modern design comes full circle.

I love the images above of Edwardian ladies in their white lace and cottons. The simplicity of the cuts with lots of embellishment and romance. The film 'A Room with a View' has always been an inspiration.

Our design will need modernisation and I will take elements of cut and embellishment to feed into the dress.

All images found on Pinterest.