Tuesday 5 May 2015

Met Gala Best Dresses - China Through the Looking Glass

Bee Schaffer in Alexander McQueen - this dress is my overall favourite. The train, the kimono neckline, the cut, the embroidery.

The Met Gala was held last night for the opening of the China Through the looking Glass exhibition

This is going to be such an inspirational exhibition that should set the brain ticking for designers across the world. I recently missed out on a stunning 19th Century Chinese embroidered coat at auction, inside the cuffs was the MOST incredible, fine embroidery. I'm glad to say it went for thousands.

Embroidery was key to my favourite dresses on the red carpet last night. There were some attention seeking monsters and some equally attention seeking stroppy refusals to dress properly.
Some say that dressing for the occasion and the exhibition is a cliche. I don't agree. Subtle, intelligent design with beautiful craftsmanship teamed with classic Old Hollywood style can't ever be knocked. x

Dianna Argon in Tory Burch - a classic Grecian chiffon dress with embroidered cranes in orange pink. It reminds me of the Schiaparelli Lobster dress.

Emily Blunt in Prada - two tone blue silk satin embroidered in silvers keeping tight to the colours head to toe. Very slick.

Fan Bing Bing is a glorious cape. Designer unknown. This cape looks stunning, everything you could want like a Cecil B Demille movie costume. Must find more photos of this.

Lizzy Caplan in Chanel - this has a more subtle Chinese influence, the strappy sandals are key to finishing the look. I love the veil and the ballerina length femininity.

Wendi Murdoch in Oscar De La Renta. -  Just what you would want from Oscar De La Renta in blush pink satin drapes and gold embroidery.

Rita Ora in Tom Ford - Lucky red this design is so perfectly executed taking Mandarin influences in cut and trim. Can't wait to see what Rita wears next.

Shupei Qin in Tommy Hilfiger - simply stunning. Great hair and styling and a beautiful low key gown, that is still a real gown. Those cuffs! Winner for the most beautiful lady.

Anne Hathaway in Ralph Lauren - Gold lame formed into a Hollywood classic. I adore the hood making this futuristic modern and very 1930s at the same time.

Zhang Ziyi in a Carolina Herrera gown with the designer. - Like a perfect piece of porcelain China, that dress is just divine. I'm hoping those are real orchids to finish.

Images from Vogue and New York Times.