Monday 3 March 2014

Oscars 2014 - The Best of the Rest

As Lupita Nyong'o was really a stand out beauty at the Oscars this year and worthy of an article all of her own, here are the rest of the dresses and style that we think looked gorgeous. Just not as gorgeous as Lupita.

Kate Hudson wore not one but two incredible gowns last night. This first glistening stain caped bias cut gown by Atelier Versace and the embellished black and nude sheer gown by Zuhair Murad. A simple and elegant use of jewelry that doesn't detract from the gowns. Kate we'd love to see you do a Mcconaughey and bag an Oscar!

Talking of the man, here is the winning Matthew McConaughey. No one deserved this Oscar more after the work put in to changing his career around and delighting us all with his talent. If he hadn't won for Dallas Buyers, he should have for Wolf of Wall Street, and then Mud, The Paper Boy,  Killer Joe. Thank you, Thank you Matthew for being so much more than a torso.

Beautiful wife Camila Alves looked a picture of elegance in her palest pink Gabriela Cadena gown. The draping is to die for along with the perfectly matched clutch. No diamonds needed.

Talking of cool couples, Helen Lasichanh and husband Pharrell Williams in suits, just adorable and I think just edge it on the Pitts. I love the shorts and I love Helen's style. This is somewhat reassuring after the 'blurred lines' nonsense that the woman of Pharrells affections is fully dressed with a lot of intelligence and confidence in her style.

Naomi Harris looking sleek in her Naeem Khan deep red opulently embroidered gown. Once again no necklaces a just an elegant bracelet and drop earrings. I love the subtlety of this dress, its incredible detail does all the talking.

The always gorgeous Zooey Deschanel in a printed silk chiffon Oscar De La Renta gown. Delicately feminine ruffles and polka dots contrasting with those thick glossy locks is the perfect contrast and its not taking it too seriously. Just one thing, take the bag off the shoulder and hold it in the hand. It's a personal gripe but bags on shoulders look like office girls on a night out.

Another beautiful Oscar De La Renta gown in stringed silver flapper beads worn by Jennifer Garner. Just a splash of red lipstick would have finished this look perfectly and I hope there was lots of twirling.

Finally a member of Hollywood Royalty, Julia Roberts. I just adore this dress by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy Couture in crisp black lace. The lapels, the sheer modesty (which may not have been needed) and that peplum! What a divine silhouette.

There were so many more I could have added, Cate Blanchette also deserves a study all of her own and we do love Jennifer Lawrence too. The Oscars always provides so much inspiration. It's a dream parade of the talented and beautiful and combined with the films they have worked so hard on, its a pool of fantasies to dip into for the year to come. Thank you to all of those wonderful designers, actors and film makers for this.

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