Wednesday 29 January 2014

The Venus Dress

goddess gown

The Venus Dress is a fantasy of goddesses and couturiers draped into a gown.

The main influences are the 1940's screen goddess Ava Gardener in 'One Touch Of Venus' combined with the sculptural work of Madame Gres and the iconic stars of the art deco period that were inspired by Halley's comet.

The stars for this design were used in five pointed deco form in silver and whites to produce a heavily beaded stomacher that accentuates the waist creating a central focus. In opaque white seed beads, Swarovski crystals and bugle beads, the stars that are also featured on the shoulders and buttons adding an opulent weight to the dress.  Over ten meters make up the skirt that falls heavily in the softest jersey to the floor and produces the most incredible lines (the picture above demonstrates this).

As the hand crafted sculptural process used to drape the dress became something of a labour of love, it was soon apparent that this dress would be a beautiful one off.

Have a closer look at the dress with more details of purchasing this one of a kind piece here. 

couture beading

Grecian goddess gown

1940s goddess gown

goddess gown