Wednesday 20 November 2013

Artisans - Lindsey King Embellisher of Beautiful Things - Wedding Garlands

Lindsey King - Bespoke Sequinned Garland Decorations.

Lindsey King is not just a talented lady when it comes to beading and painting but also with a needle and thread. 
Lindsey and husband Rich first made their fabulously decorative bunting garlands together (with an original 1900s Singer sewing machine with hand wheel!) for their wedding earlier this year and the bespoke orders just kept coming for every kind of event since. 

Now if I'm honest I haven't always been a fan of bunting, It usually tends to be a bit washy in baby blues and never really is enough to style a room properly, but Lindsey's bright and colorful sequinned garlands completely won me over. 

By confidently combining big, bold and bright prints, with saturated colour trims and working them further with hand embellished sequins the result is a statement decoration that really makes a room. The lettering is divine, shaped in perfect fonts of curls with such precise needlework. These really will become beautiful family heirlooms taken out for special occasions over the years. 

Lindsey King is someone with an untainted outsider talent who simply adds joy to every project she works on. She's quite an inspiration. See more of Lindsey King's painted things in her Etsy shop HERE.