Wednesday 3 April 2013

Prom Dresses For 2013

Vintage style prom dresses for 2013 ................

With prom season in the studio very much underway with dresses jetting off around the world I thought I should share some of our best dresses to style you through the end of year prom.

I had a few 'interesting' prom dresses whilst at school, all made by myself. The off the peg options like today were scarce. The offerings were either the long straight poly taff with a lovely sheen in burgundy, the big 90s barbie in aqua complete with tiara and spray tan/ringlets or wearing the same great Topshop dress as someone else!
My see through black lace and sequined bra wasn't too awful considering the options :(

As soon as I had my design and sewing skills vastly improved after uni I worked on the first version of the debutant Debby dress (bottom right). This developed over the years into the perfect prom dress in soft fifties tulle, cut to the knee, simple enough to be styled with boots or heels and stamp your identity on it.
Even though most of our dresses can be worn for prom season, these are my favourite picks for this year. All in the SHOP now.