Thursday 6 September 2012

Katy's Pretty Things ....

The Betty Dress in Fushia Silk with Blue Trim. Photography by Sally Thurrell

Thimble and Bobbin padded heart, Photography by Sally Thurrell

The Betty dress, made to order Photography by Sally Thurrell

 This gorgeous shoot was taken in May and styled by the wonderful Katy Howieson of What Katy Did Next.
I always love to see how Katy styles our dresses and her attention to detail is always second to none.
I love the way Sally Thurrell, the photographer has captured the shape and colour or our Betty dress and Katy's sequin shoes clips and blush blue bow work brilliantly to finish the look. The padded heart from Thimble and Bobbin is gorgeous!

Elsie Hairband by What Katy Did Next.

Elsie Hairband byWhat Katy Did Next. Photography by Sally Thurrell
 Katy always gets lots of people involved in her shoots so that everyone can share their wares. Sending the dresses up to Cumbria is really exciting as I never quite know what the photos will look like even though Katy goes to great lengths planning her shoots with moodboards carefully selecting what will compliment each other.
The dress above is our Tropical floral dress teamed with a bright turquoise cardigan and Katy's blue pearl hairband.

Our Pink Elephant Dress
The 'Red Dog' print dress

Our elephant and dog printed dresses available in the online shop with new bright prints coming soon.

Our Soft Tulle prom dress and Dorothy Hairband by What Katy Did Next

Our tulle prom dress

 And our dove grey tulle prom dress studded with rose swarovski crystals and tied with a ribbon belt. I love the use of the scarlet red with the grey, a great team together.

The Grey Stripe dress and prom dress worn with the Betty and Dorothy headpieces by What Katy Did Next

The Grey Stripe dress and Betty headpiece by What Katy Did Next

Last but not least our charcoal grey stripe dress, this was a dress made from vintage shirt fabrics and the mustard yellow of Katy's hairband and ribbon make it really pop.
A HUGE thank you to Katy and her team for producing these fabulous images.

Styling: Katy Howieson
Photography: Sally Thurrell
Hair Accessories: What Katy Did Next
Models:  Beth Dooley & Pippa Welch
Cushions and treats: Thimble and Bobbin
Venue: Bousdale Farm
Make Up: Make Up By Jo
Hair: Vintage Tinsel