Friday 13 July 2012

The Glitter is Here!

The Glitter bags are here! And Bows too! 

These gorgeous bags were first commissioned for a wonderful wedding (which is happening very soon) and we loved them so much that we wanted to share them with everyone.
Our bags are made in a super spangling glitter in either pink or silver for the moment, There will be more colours coming soon.
Lined in a liberty print cotton, these linings will change frequently so no one will have the same bag as you.
The large bow is detachable and has a pin back so that you can also wear it on a dress or belt.

The bows are also available to buy separately.

Hope you enjoy looking at our new sparklers as much as we do? Seeing it a real life seriously results in a little squeal of joy! xxx

To order your bag or bow simply click on one of the pictures.