Thursday 12 January 2012

A Very Late New Year

Giffords circus 2011
 Wow I really am behind already this year, blogging wise that is! We started 2012 with three deadlines in the first week and a crazy amount of emails. To top this my Christmas week off left me feeling so relaxed that getting motivated again was pretty hard. I became too accustomed to eating hourly and watching Mad Men!

So talking of 2012 what do we have planned? January and February is solidly booked with meeting you lovely people for appointments about wedding dresses and bridesmaids attire. I love bridesmaids, each wedding is a new capsule collection.
An old friend is getting wed in feb too for which I am bridesmaid (i may learn some bridesmaiding skills!) and I've been given free reign on the dresses too! My friend has very thoughtfully chosen black which is always a winner with a bridesmaid!

We have our first workshops at Millie Moon in Wells on the 22nd January and the 19th February click here to book you place. By the end of your workshop you will have a rock roll underskirt to make fabulous all of your full skirts and by the end of the second workshop you'll have a gorgeous full summer skirt in your choice of Millie Moon prints!

I'm taking two hours a week to learn the elegant art of burlesque with Pink Kitten. Providing I don't keep wobbling when I should be doing my sultry walks, (or giggling) this will be a long term weekly treat. It's a great excuse to make dresses for myself and wear them too.

A new bridal collection for 2012 is on it's way and we will be at two 'vintage' wedding fairs (this word is becoming more and more dead as i say it) in Bristol on the 26th Feb and the 11th March. It will be great if you can come along and say hello, there should be some gorgeous vintage (used as the genuine term) dresses about to drool over along with our dresses, twinkling accessories and you can book your hair styled by the amazing Fiona from beehive brides, none of which you need to be a bride for!
These will probably be the only wedding fairs we do this year as however much we love meeting all the lovely ladies and businesses we have way too much work to be getting on with here at the studio.

Spring is fast approaching with another collect ready to wear womenswear collection in the sketchbook. Gypsies, circus folk and pop princesses are a little hint of what's to come.

So for now are order books are quickly filling up for the year and we have one very exciting year ahead filled with dresses galore quite literally!

Off to finish a wedding dress now! Don't think I should have time off again, not that I will until November anyhow xxx