Tuesday 19 July 2011

Start Wearing Purple

Nicole, a super gorgeous friend (above) asked me to make her a dress recently for a wedding she was going to in her home town Canada. I was really flattered to have been asked, it's a strange thing with friends, you try not to ask too much of them I suppose, the offer of a dress is always there but you don't want to push your nearest and dearest into feeling awkward about a having to wear a dress that may not be quite their style.

Luckily Nicole knew exactly what she wanted and it was one of my dresses and when she put it on, with me more nervous than usual (another reason making for friends is awkward) it couldn't have been more perfect. She has this luminous bronze skin that made the purple pop like I've never seen before, like it was radiating purple violet beams and fitted her like a glove. 

She was very kind and brave to model for me, she photographs amazingly well as you can see and it's only the clenched fists that give her away from being a pro. I will be pestering her to model from now on x