Thursday 2 June 2011

Blue Wedding Dress


This little blue lace, fifties inspired wedding dress was just gorgeous, gorgeous, and more gorgeous to work on. Designed and created for a customer who took one look in a bridal shop and was immediately terrified and put off by the overwhelming nature of such places. Me thinks this may have been an all you can eat wedding dress factory style store where they get you all worked up with their hundred of options on big big dresses, satin shoes, tiaras and the whole shebang! It can be a little too much sometimes. 

So she sent me some lovely pictures of herself, had colours in mind and a clear sense of styles that suited her best. I did a few sketches, sourced fabrics and laces and we came up with this beauty of a dress complete with optional covered buttons for the back. I chose slightly larger buttons than usual to give the dress a slightly less delicate look with a bit more punch to the back of required. The underskirt was removable so that it could be worn to parties afterwards getting more use from the dress instead of it staying hidden in the wardrobe to gather dust as so many do.
I know I say this about all of my dresses but this really is a favourite. I am always happy to work on bespoke dresses and if you would like more info on ordering please take a look at our ordering page.