Saturday 25 May 2013

Black lace Prom Dress

This little black prom dress is now safely and very happily at it's new destination ready to be a showstopper at the prom.  Very kindly the new owner said 'The dress came today and is absolutely perfect, from the fit to the textures its amazing. I am so happy and content with it and would just like to thank you again for the dress.' A very good job done! 

The dress has been in my studio for a couple of weeks since completion and every time I looked at it (along with another lace dress I was working on at the same time) it made me feel the same way I do when I'm in a vintage shop or the fashion museum. A little panicked to buy and very desperate to touch.
The corded lace has lots of texture on a fine tulle background and the skirt is wonderfully full with soft nets underneath. Lined in silk taffeta which rustles slightly and keeps a great shape with a boned bodice and cotton facings.  The vintage 1950s cocktail dress inspiration became completely authentic in the weight, feel and design, all except for the concealed zipper at the back.
I am really in love with this dress!

This seasons prom requests have been the best so far, I have another in the pipeline that is equally gorgeous. Teenagers seriously have the best ideas at the moment and style, they look fantastic and aren't afraid to really indulge in a dress. I think I may have had some especially cool and creative individuals though.

I was told most were buying from the 'occasion wear' shop and sadly we all know the look of a generic prom dress nowadays. Girls there's no need for a  floor length frump of a dress when you can have a cute cocktail dress, unless there's a rule and then think red carpet not Disney princess. There are some gorgeous dresses from the main fashion retailers at the moment, or go for vintage or take a look around Etsy, there are some great designers there (apart from me :) and lots to suit different styles.

I cringe at my own from over ten years ago, a homemade see through lace affair which wasn't quite to my standards of today! What were yours like? or what do you have planned for your prom this year?