Tuesday 9 February 2010

Tales from New York Part Three

The shopping, as expected in pretty good in New York, It's a lot like London but a little more spread out when looking for something really special. The weekends are best for markets which I managed to miss but will keep saved for next time!

My favourtites had to be 'Edith Machinist' (above) for the vast but finely selected vintage collection of designer labels and stunning shoes. Another gorgeous shop was 'some old rubies' where they reconstruct incredibly pretty tea dresses and garments from vintage pieces. Both in the Lower East Side where you'll also find Katz's diner where they filmed When Harry met Sally! There's lots of gorgeous independent shops and the diner's hot dog is a treat for the end of the day.


For some inspiration we visited the Fashion Insitute in the garment district and they have a fabulous exhibition on American design which is a stunning display. A no glass so you can see every dress perfectly! The area is wonderful for fabrics especially B&J fabrics which is a heavenly selection of all the most beautiful fabrics imaginable.

My favourite places in New York

Angelika Film Centre, Greenwich Village...... cafe serving cakes after your film, yum!
Chelsea Cinema, Chelsea ......big seats and slightly grimey in a cool way, great in the middle of the day
Lower East Side St Marks Place to Orchard Street ......gorgeous vintage shops and independent designers
Coney Island .......... when you're feeling in the mood for grunge and lost boys 
Greenwich Village for bars and Jazz, Monday nights are bargainous! The lower main street isn't so in your face as Fith Avenue etc 
MoMA on Friday nights, free entry including the amazing Tim Burton exhibition.
Brooklyn Bridge for the best view of New York.